Made to Order

Your order of handmade shoes can be placed at our workshop in Bangor where We can take measurements of both of your feet. These measurements are used to create a unique pair of wooden lasts for each customer. We have a wide range of shoe designs on display in our store and leather samples.

Orders may also be placed online let us know what design you are looking for and the details of your order.
Your size colour and leather preferences, choice of sole, etc.


We use many different last shapes, they have been tested and improved for many years, based on our own experience. Each last has its own character that defines them from the traditional to the contemporary style.


We offer several types of high quality leather selection for your handmade shoes:
Calf skin (Boxcalf or Museum calf), scotch grain, suede from the best French and Italian tanneries.


When you place an order please to think about the soles of your shoes. You can choose leather soles and heels, they can be prepared as single or double soles. As an addition you can ask for rubber protection sole. Shoes can be made with Vibram or Dainite rubber soles in case you wear shoes in rainy conditions.

Browse our website for more inspiration you can also send us pictures of other shoes.

We need approximately 4-6 weeks to make a pair of shoes to your specifications.  If you order online you can pay through a secure online payment system by card. We will notify you about delivery date of your shoes by email and you will also receive the parcel’s tracking number.